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Baba II

Alatening Village

Launching of the anti-HIV/AIDS project and mass voluntary counseling and testing (MVCT)

25th June 2006

The launching of the MVCT and Solidarity Fund took place at Alatening on Sunday the 25th of June 2006 at the community hall in the presence of the following dignitaries: D. O. Santa, DMO Santa, Fon of Alatening (Fon Nsufor J. C.), CEO of COPAAP, ACDA President Mr. Ade Peter Nji.

The Fon (chief) has his blood drawn for an HIV test
The Fon (chief) having blood drawn 

Entrance to the village-
Be brave! Join others and do your HIV test now!

COPAAP team and villagers dancing

The  ceremony began with a prayer. This was closely followed by a welcome speech from the ACDA president who saluted the presence of all. He lauded the efforts of the CEO of COPAAP Dr. Achu for thinking of the health of the people of Alatening and thanked Care Cameroon- Global Fund for providing the funds. He warned the community health volunteers (CHVs) to abide by the ethics of their training since an oath taken on earth is also registered in Heaven. He encouraged the elite to be generous and show a sign of commitment while contributing to the Solidarity Fund for the sustainability of the HIV/AIDS project in Alatening. He praised the courage and understanding of those who came out to be screened because it is the only way to know your status. He strongly discouraged some traditional practices like widow and widower inheritance without prior screening and parents who did not want to accept the real cause of death to their children but instead accused innocent family members.

The Fon of Alatening Fon Nsufor J. C. II in his welcome and blessing speech thanked all the personalities who were present and expressed expectations that the CHVs who have been trained will do justice to assist the community in fighting HIV/AIDS. He thanked Dr. Achu and the project funders for thinking of Alatening and said this was very timely because many of them still doubt the existence of HIV/AIDS. He prayed the Almighty God to pour abundant blessings on Dr. Achu so that his efforts should be compensated by the chasing out of HIV/AIDS. While recognizing the presence of the DO, he laid emphasis on the fact that Alatening be given a Health centre where the trained CHVs will be able to carry out their duties. He praised the DMO and chief of the Mbu Health centre for the regular visits for vaccination in his village that have led to eradication of polio.

Dr. Achu in his address highlighted the importance of good health in general and most especially the role of the CUDA in the fight against HIV/AIDS. As he put it, “ If you construct beautiful houses, with good pipe borne water supply while your population all dies, who will enjoy this facilities?” He pointed out the motivating factors that led him to take up this fight against HIV and why he choosed the grassroots communities through their cultural and development associations. He informed them of the source for funding which he said was coming from Care Cameroon – Global Fund. He also underlined the importance of the Solidarity Fund which will be the backbone of the project in terms of sustainability. The role of the (8) eight trained CHVs and their obligations were stated publicly before they took their oath of office and their certificates were handed out. He finally advised the parents to go home after screening and encourage their children who were absent, to come for the free MVCT because they are the most vulnerable group. 

The oath taking and certificate award activities were followed by the lauching of the Solidarity fund after the DMO had re-emphasized the importance of good health and the main reasons for the people of Alatening to know the HIV status through this free-of-charge opportunity provided by COPAAP.

The D.O. Santa who officiated at launching, praised Dr. Achu, the Care Cameroon – Global Fund and the Alatening Cultural and Development Association because AIDS is a serious threat to mankind. He reminded the people of Alatening that the solidarity Fund was like an insurance to repair each others car in case of accident. The difference is that this insurance is for the health of everyone infected which has to be taken seriously since health is wealth. He and the DMO each contributed 5000 frs into the Alatening solidarity Fund.

Mass screening was then conducted.
Results obtained were:
Number of people registered in 2 sessions: 240
Number tested 236, Number positive 14 (women 12 men 2)
Number of positive cases that had CD4 done: 6