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Baba II

Babungo Village

Launching of the anti-HIV/AIDS project and mass voluntary counseling and testing (MVCT)

24th May 2006

At 12.10pm, the opening prayers were said by the pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Babungo.

In his welcome speech, the Fon’s representative expressed appreciation for the work of COPAAP, which has spent valuable time training the community leaders, volunteers and a lab technician so that the BABUNGO can adequately fight HIV/AIDS. On the Fon’s behalf, he assured the VIPs and team members of total collaboration of the palace. He hoped the MVCT by COPAAP was going to make a difference from the previous VCTs which were never followed up and so discouraged most of the population.

The CUDA president Mr. Kometa Solomon expressed gratitude to COPAAP for accepting their anti-HIV project and reacting favourably to it by providing the training and Mass VCT.

The personal representative of the CEO of COPAAP, Mrs. Njiti Gladys, appreciated the presence of the fon of Babungo, the executive of the CUDA and other personalities. The poor turn out made her to express some disappointment. She went further to explain what COPAAP is all about, its strategy of education and empowerment of CUDAs in the fight against HIV/AIDS, and the collaboration with the (MPC) Mezam Polyclinic, PTG Northwest Provice and the present project co-financed by Care Cameroon – Global Fund.

The role of the CUDA and the CHVs in collaboration with the LACCs was highlighted. She also emphasized the aspect of diligent handling of patient results to ensure confidentiality and the trust of the volunteers by the community. She encouraged the community to contribute generously towards the Solidarity Fund so as to be able to assist those who may be tested positive. This keynote address ended with the Oath taking exercise and presentation of certificates to the trained volunteers in the presence of the dignitaries and the community.

The Communal Correspondent of Babessi Rural Council saluted the efforts of COPAAP and the CUDA for thinking seriously about the health of the Babungo community vis-à-vis the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

The PTG representative, who is also the Provincial Chief for Local Response, Mr. Vugugah Nintcho was surprised to see that mostly the elderly persons came out for the MVCT in the absence of the youth who are sexually active. He advised the parents to let their children always carry out their pre-marital screening before they engage in any sexual relationship and encourage all Babungo people to come out during the next session to know their status. He promised them PTG’s collaboration at all times.

The official launching of the Solidarity Fund and contributions from those present yielded 38.000 frs. Mass Voluntary Counselling and Testing was conducted the rest of the day, and these results were recorded:
Number registered: 205
Number tested: 197
Number of positive cases: 16 (men: 5 women: 11)