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Baba II

Njong Village

Launching of the anti-HIV/AIDS project and mass voluntary counseling and testing (MVCT)

12th May 2006

The launching in Njong took place at the Cultural and Development Hall opposite the Presbyterian Church near the main market. The occasion started at about 12:30pm in the presence of: • The Divisional Officer (D.O.) Santa Sub-Division. Mr. ELANGO Zacheus Bakoma • The representative of the Provincial Technical Group (PTG), Mr. Vugugah Nintcho • HON. J.B. NDE Director of MIDENO. • Dr. ACHU Ngang Paul, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), COPAAP. • The representative of the fon of Njong Mr. Ngufor • The chairman of the village council, Mr. Isaac Suh Atanga. • The president of the Njong CUDA Mr. ANYE Christopher A. • Mr. Silas NGWA Master of Ceremony (MC).

The President of NCDA Mr. Anye Christopher welcomed everybody to the occasion and introduced the MC. The MC of the occasion thanked the president for the introduction and proceeded to explain to them why this project was conceived by NCUDA for the village. Since the physician has come to see the patient at home instead of the patient going to see the physician, it shows how much concern COPAAP through Dr. ACHU and his team has for the Njong people.

The Congregational chairman of the Presbyterian Church of Njong, Mr. Bakie Simon, praised God for the massive turnout and pleaded that God should pilot the business of the day and provide journeying mercies to all present. He asked God to crown the human endeavours with success in the search for a solution to the AIDS pandemic.

The fon’s representative welcomed the Technical Team, VIPs, the many Njong people and the CEO of COPAAP. His first words of thanks went to Dr. Achu for this laudable initiative and to Care Cameroon - Global Fund for providing the resources geared towards the health of Njong people. He recognized the presence of all VIPs and appreciated the fact that they put aside all other important engagements in order to support the Njong community in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The fon’s representative was very proud to say that the population of Njong is already well informed on HIV/AIDS and that the last MVCT done by PTG showed a 2% prevalence indicating the people know and believe that AIDS exist. While appreciating the dynamism of NCUDA Bamenda Branch, the representative said he was very convinced that the COPAAP- CARE project was very timely and will go a long way to help the infected and affected put in efforts to erase the 2% prevalence so that his people could live a healthy and productive life free from this pandemic.

The president of the Njong CUDA, Mr. Anye Christopher, read a speech welcoming Dr. Achu and his team and other officials for their presence and also thanked his population for their massive presence. He thanked Dr. Achu especially for this timely intervention that will come to save the Njong people. He said that members of the CUDA of Bamenda have worked so hard to bring this project into their village by sending some of their brothers and sisters to be trained as Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) by COPAAP. This shows how important this project should be in their village. He also told the villagers that this project has come to stay so each and every one of them should be willing to contribute a token to start the Solidarity Fund which will help to take care of any Njong person who is found to be positive, amongst other activities.

Mr. Isaac Suh Atanga, chairman of the village council thanked everyone for coming and showing the seriousness of this occasion. He acknowledged the presence and efforts of Hon. J. B. NDEH for his generosity in putting up the big building in which we were assembled. He pleaded that other Njong elites should copy the example so that this structure would someday be converted into a health/ treatment center with the help of the government. He also thanked the Njong youth association for the support they gave to have the building up. Mr. Suh told the population that everyone should be committed to the launching of this project so that everyone should be ready to contribute into the Solidarity Fund which will be to serve and save them and their sick relatives.

Mr. Vugugah Nintcho, PTG representative, lauded the efforts of the CEO of COPAAP for this brilliant venture in the fight against HIV/AIDS in villages. He was also very impressed with the presence of the youth population indicative that they are very aware of the existence of this pandemic which is ravaging them. He reminded the Njong population that for this project to succeed they must continue the change of behaviour and implement new strategies being put in place. He cited some of the ways by which HIV/AIDS can be transmitted and that if the population do not change their behaviour this project would become a failure and the Njong population would be wiped out, especially the youths.

Dr. ACHU Ngang Paul thanked the previous speakers for all the encouragement and also thanked the population for their massive turn-out and especially the Njong CUDA who conceived and wrote the project. Dr. Achu explained why he decided to leave his clinic to bring the fight against HIV/AIDS to be a joint effort of the CUDAS and COPAAP. He told the population that if other developmental projects such as water, electrification, schools, roads etc, are carried out without considering the fight against HIV/AIDS as one of their priority projects, there will be nobody in the near future to enjoy any of the facilities put in place. He concluded his speech by having the volunteers take their oath in front of the population as a sign of commitment and allegiance to the community. The nine volunteers were very happy as they recited the proposed motto CHVs “sacrifice to mankind” and sang a song to indicate their acceptance to serve their population.

Hon. J.B. NDE expressed a lot of joy to see that this project has finally come to meet them in their village. He thanked Dr. ACHU very much for accepting their request and training the volunteers selected. He together with the population in a song promised Dr. ACHU and the other personalities that this project has come to stay in Njong until HIV/AIDS is kicked out of their village.

The D.O. Mr ELANGO concluded the speeches by thanking Dr. ACHU for all the wonderful work he has been carrying out in his Sub-Division, Hon. J.B. NDE for the sacrifices he has made to provide a big hall as a way to help his population, and the population for taking the HIV/AIDS problem seriously. He also acknowledged the fact that compared to other villages where he has attended the project launching, the attendance of the youth population of Njong has been very impressive. He also thanked the fon for accepting this project in his village and praised the CUDA of the village for their relentless effort and sacrifices. The D.O. officially launched the village Solidarity Fund account with a contribution of 10,000frs.
Other contributors included the following:
Hon. J.B. NDE contributed 200,000frs
The CUDA gave 25,000frs
Dr. ACHU P.N. gave 10,000frs
Mr. Silas NGWA, master of ceremony (MC) contributed 10,000tfs.
Total money for the launching amounted to 330.000frs

Total number of persons screened 279.