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Baba II

Pinyin Village

Launching of the anti-HIV/AIDS project and mass voluntary counseling and testing (MVCT)

1st June 2006

The Ceremony started at 11: 45 with the present of the Fon of Pinyin and the PDO. The Chairman of the ceremony in the Person of Mr Mopecha Samuel Khan thanked all those present at this important launching for the fight against HIV/AIDS. He then called on Mr Nkemnikeh Daniel to lead the population in prayers. He thanked God for making it possible for everyone to be present and also that the Pinyin Community should benefit from the initiative of Dr Achu.

The Fon of Pinyin in his speech welcomed Dr Achu and his team for respecting this invitation. He listed out some of the ways that HIV/AIDS is contracted and the importance of early testing. The president of CUDA, Mrs Christina, explained the reason behind the high rate of orphans in their community which they considered as witch craft or illness like malaria and typhoid. She pleaded to the population that polygamy is common in Pinyin; wives should stay faithful to their husband and husband with their wives. And the Youth should avoid premarital sex. The Pinyin Community should say “No” to prostitution or learn to use preservatives.

The COPAAP president Dr Achu thanked the PDO and Fon of Pinyin for their marvelous speeches. He explained the aim of this programme, which it is to bring health care closer to the people. He said this programme has not come to stop the Local AIDS Control Team from working but to join them to further eradicate HIV/AIDS in Pinyin. He said the programme will give the opportunity for people to be treated free and receive their drugs in the Pinyin health Center if needed. This will be done in collaboration of the CUDA.

He also suggested that volunteers should find out about the orphans in Pinyin so that they may get support in the next project. Dr Achu told the population that they should take this project very seriously, and even more seriously than water, roads and electricity because if the roads, water, and electricity are there and there is nobody to enjoy them then they will have all worked in vain since HIV/AIDS is killing many of the youths. He then presented the community health volunteers to the population, where they took their oath as a sign of engagement and commitment to work for the good of the people. Their Certificates were then handed to them by their trainer, Elspeth Nesbit.

The Provincial chief for Local response at PTG, Mr Tata Michael, apologized for his coming late which he said was due to other commitments. He encouraged the CHVs to form support groups. He further welcomed all present and stated the importance of early testing.

The launching ceremony was crowned by the Nightingale choir and followed by MVCT. The following statistics were recorded:
Registered -------------339
No tested Positive----14 (women= 12 men= 2)
CD4 …14, Elisa …5, WBC.FBC…3