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Baba II

Sop (Dze Kwa) Village

Launching of the anti-HIV/AIDS project and mass voluntary counseling and testing

22nd May 2006

The COPAAP team arrived Sop at 11:45am and was welcomed by a colourful crowd and dance groups that led them into the ceremonial ground of the Sop Health center. The technical team headed by Dr. ACHU CEO of COPAAP greeted the traditional leaders and paid courtesy visits to the twelve dance groups that were present to grace the occasion.

Children participate in project launch
Children participating in project launch
Women welcoming COPAAP team
Women welcoming COPAAP team
Children singing about HIV
Children singing about HIV/AIDS

The representative of the shey of Mbi, Mr. Boniface NYUYKI thanked the technical team for stretching a helping hand to his people and hoped that this venture that Dr. ACHU has spearheaded will succeed with the assistance of the Almighty God. This was followed by a prayer by the pastor Mbimikar Emmanuel of the Baptist church who thanked the almighty God for the health of the technical team and nurses of the Sop Health Center who have come to help the people of Upper Dze Ngwa in the launching of the anti-HIV project. He prayed that the good God will help the people of Sop to embrace this project as one that has come to save them from the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Following the prayer were songs from several local school groups. The Community Nursery school sang a welcome song wishing the visitors a happy stay. The Catholic Primary school sang a song to remind the population (sisters & brothers) that AIDS has neither cure nor vaccine so the parents should know they can die at any time leaving innocent children behind with nobody to care for them if AIDS is not conquered. The government Primary School Yer sang a song titled “AIDS where did you come from this killer disease so go away”. They enumerated the various opportunistic diseases one can get as a result of being HIV positive and said O Lord Help us to take away these diseases.

CHVs taking oath
CHVs taking oath
Villagers queuing for testing
Villagers queuing for HIV test

The SADCA president Mr. Banavti Wilfred read a speech to thank Dr. ACHU and the team for the sacrifices they have made to help the people of Sop. He underscored the impact of HIV/AIDS in the community and promised that SADCA will do all in their capacity to get this project going once it has been launched. Mrs Dinayen Electa, one of the CHVs, explained to the population the importance of the Solidarity Fund and encouraged all to contribute to it.

Dr. ACHU thanked Sop Area Development and Cultural Association (SADCA) and the people for their massive turn out. He apologized for the lateness which was due to breakdown of the vehicle. He explained why this project has to be launched using the CUDAs emphasizing that there can be no advancement in a village where there is no development due to people being sick or dead. Dr. ACHU said COPAAP has come to reinforce the efforts of LACC to fight this pandemic. That is why COPAAP with funding from Care Cameroon- Global Fund had trained three community leaders, six community Health Volunteers (CHVS), one lab technician and is here today to screen people in Sop under this project. He hoped that after the project launch, the money which will be raised to start their Solidarity Fund will be used to cater for those who will be tested positive. Dr. ACHU still promised the people that COPAAP/CARE will soon be coming back to furnish two rooms attached to the Health Center where the trained CHVS shall be working. This will reduce people traveling long distances to get tested or to get their Anti-Retro-viral (ARVS).

The volunteers swore in front of the population stating their allegiance to them as they repeated the volunteers’ oath after Dr. ACHU. He explained to the population how confidentiality is maintained when people come for testing. Mrs. NJITI Gladys - Project Assistant Officer then read the names of the volunteers as their certificates were being handed to them by traditional rulers (Fais and Suh Fais) present. Elspeth Nesbit, the Project Officer, handed out the files containing the training notes to them. There was great applause from the crowd. Mass pre- test counselling was given by Dr. ACHU.

Mass screening started at about 3:30pm and ended at 7:00pm.

Total No. tested 469
Total No. of positive cases 26 (18 women 8men)
Total number for CD4 count 26
Total contributions collected for the solidarity fund. 57,000frs CFA
The technical team left Sop at 7:30pm for Bamenda but had to sleep in Ndop as highway robbers had the road blocked.