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Start volunteering

Local community health volunteers (CHV) are a core component of COPAAP's community empowerment strategy. In the early stages of community empowerment, CHVs learn to provide a wide range of services within their own community. They will go on to practice and teach others about HIV-test counselling, adherance support, basic nursing, home based care, nutrition, palliative care, end of life support and bereavement counselling.

In addition, we welcome volunteers in the area of medicine, research, counseling and information technology from all over the world to further the goals of COPAAP.

Please contact us to find out more.

Mbu community health volunteers

Get your community involved

COPAAP responds to appeals from community groups to undertake anti HIV & AIDS projects in partnership in the areas of sensitization, screening, capacity building, anti-retroviral treatment and care for people living with HIV & AIDS and orphans. COPAAP offers two-year project contracts that emphasize sustainable community participation.

COPAAP also lends its professional and technical expertise in the domain of fighting HIV & AIDS to other NGOs and organizations through project partnership agreements.

Contact us for more information about how you and your community can get involved and inquire about our upcoming training workshops, seminars, fundraisers and much more.

Community health volunteer workshop June 2006