COPAAP - Empowering communities against AIDS
Community Partnerships Against AIDS Programme
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What we do

(Please see the list at left for details of some of our current projects.)

We initiate and run seminars and training workshops for cultural and development associations (CUDAs) and other community organizations for the elaboration and implementation of comprehensive anti-HIV & AIDS projects.

We provide technical and professional advice and supervision to community organizations during the execution of their anti HIV & AIDS projects, including:
  • Mass sensitization, counseling and screening for HIV
  • Follow-up care and treatment of people living with or affected by HIV & AIDS
  • Creation and oversight of village AIDS control centers
  • Establishment and oversight of community solidarity funds for HIV & AIDS control
  • Establishment of orphan support projects
  • Establishment of income generating projects for people living with HIV & AIDS
  • Training of community AIDS workers and counselors
  • Facilitation of service and funding partnerships between community groups and NGOs for HIV & AIDS control projects 
We also organize educational seminars on all aspects of HIV & AIDS to enable Cameroonian nationals and foreign professionals to engage in the fight against HIV & AIDS in developing countries.

Current projects- overview

In our current work, we are scaling up the community empowerment strategy that we have developed for the fight against HIV/AIDS to 10 more villages in the Northwest Province of Cameroon. This project is funded by by Care Cameroon- Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

The goal of our community empowerment strategy is to get communities to take responsibility for the fight against HIV/AIDS at the local level. This contrasts with participation which implies initiation and conduction of the fight by somebody else. The COPAAP empowerment process starts with the following activities:

  • Raising awareness among the community leaders about the gravity of the problem of HIV/AIDS as it concerns their communities. Success in this domain ensures that the community leaders take control of the decision to fight the pandemic.
  • Helping the communities to know how to organize and to conduct the fight. This is done in seminar workshops to enable them draw up comprehensive, predominantly self-reliant anti-HIV/AIDS projects. 
  • Assisting in capacity building, including training community health volunteers (CHVs) and laboratory technicians and building infrastructure.
  • Establishing Village AIDS Control Centres and organizing services for community and home based care of people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Enabling groups and the community as a whole to start income generating projects, orphan and vulnerable children support programs, and community solidarity funds to fight HIV/AIDS.
In addition, we are working on developing income-generating activities in several villages to ensure the sustainability of these projects.  The income generating projects are described in more detail here.

Please see the list at the left for details of some of our current projects.